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Looking after your product

Looking after your product will ensure that your cages give you the best performance year after year. All our cage modules use galvanized sheet divisions and zinc passivated wire, both these treated components are designed to withstand the worse conditions. However they are not indestructable and as with anything metal they will be damaged by prolonged exposure to poor conditions. However if you observe some simple rules this should not affect them.

Some simple rules for looking after your cages:

  • Keep them as dry as possible
  • Keep them as clean as possible (manure is corrosive)
  • If using harsh chemical cleaners rinse the cages with water after treatment (this helps preserve the zinc finish)
  • Don`t allow them to stand in damp conditions for too long
  • If not in use clean, dry and collapse them and then store in a dry environment


Building Show Cages 

When you received your product you should have had a leaflet enclosed showing how to construct your cages, if not then here`s how:

1. Layout pre-assembled top/back/divisions as shown in illustration above.
2. Position front with gates as shown above
3. Using hand pliers attach rings at correct intersections of divisions/wire fronts (circled above), for placement on central wires (circled white) see diagram of close-up (below). For the four outside rings (circled black) put both rings either inside or outside of the horizontal wires to prevent vertical movement of the division.
4. DO NOT fasten front edge of top panel to top edge of front panel (shown as broken white line above). This allows the module to be collapsible when required - no rings are supplied for this operation!
If you feel the need to attach the top to front then simply use tie-wires to achieve this.